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Hide and Seek

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”                                                   
Richard Branson

Hide And Seek is a common game for children, but we re-imagine it as way of learning, hence creating such an atmosphere to visualize this concept.

The idea of the design make use of architecture, landscape and space, and the myriad of the three generates a series of obstacles along the learning journey. By overlapping different floating platforms, various underground and overhead spaces are created. Children hide behind column, walls, find their own secret pathway in shades, create their own secret pathway in shades, create their most intimate moment with the space.

We anticipate the space as an open school. Interiors, courtyards, public spaces and nature are interconnected with an undefined hierarchy. The open-ended nature uneases children’s imagination., allowing every child to interpret their own learning environment.

Water plays an important role in the development of Netherlands. Therefore, we incorporate this essential living element into our design. We make use of water circulation to attract public into our playground. Meanwhile, children learn to maintain a close relationship with nature through with such instable and floodable obstacles.

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