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When we talk about zoos, there is a paradigm where animals are deprived of space for their daily activities; talk about safari parks, and we get humans who are almost always bound inside a car. It seems like there is a difficult balance between the comfort of humans and animals when they meet, and we want to change that.

In COHABITATION, the ground is cleared so that the floor area within the plot belongs entirely to the flora and fauna in the region. Human circulation and services are elevated or pushed underground, from which we get a sneak peek of animals and their daily activities in interesting perspectives different from your typical zoo. 

Rather than an animal exhibit made for humans, the “zoo” is curated to be more like a park not just for visitors, but also for our animal friends. The thriving greenery mediates between the habitats of animals as well as where they meet with human circulation, varying the level of interaction depending on animal species and reducing the need for fencing. This also creates an open ground zoned by natural barriers. 

Give back the land to the animals and intertwine nature with circulation for humans, and you get a happy mix of creatures cohabitating in peace.

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