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Cook's Tour

You scroll through Instagram and see your friend’s glittery photo, featuring Yayoi Kusama’s installation art as background. Needless to say, that photo has a minimum of a several hundred likes and you turn a little sour, because back to your page... Well, you have nothing half as snazzy. 
My friend, Be sour no more.
Introducing the Photogenic Museum – the most camera-ready museum in existence. The museum chooses one of the five glamorous routes for its visitors to tour around at varying speeds, and the venue itself is bound to seek your attention (and that of your camera), along with other exhibits and visitors. Every nook and cranny has a potential to be pushed to the top of your page, if you have the skills to capture the right moments in the midst of moving at the speed of a train. 
Of course, if you are not interested in staying on top of your social media game, you could also pay attention to the actual exhibits. Everything you see here is on display, and anything could be an exhibit - the only catch is for you to stay focused. Be ready to dive into a world of exhibits immersed in a sea of distractions.

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