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Upside Down

The scarcity of habitation on Earth has pushed humans towards the skies. It would be an eventuality that we would break beyond the confines of our own atmosphere in search of new resources. Settlement on the moon may well be an answer to the countdown towards Earth’s final breath.
Architecture may bring us to places of multiple planes, multiple dimensions and multiple worlds. The moon itself contains no delight for anyone to actually live there without massive intervention. Though in the end, it is but a stepping stone towards the ultimate destination of Mars.

Stage 1: Rebirth
Inflatable cylinders house the controls for the different basic necessities. 

Stage 2: Resupply

Stage 3: Rebuild
Lunar settlements have expanded hundreds of kilometers beyond Alpha base, and torus modules become the basic inhabitation structure for new colonies. 

Stage 4: Redeploy
Research partaken both on Earth and the Moon have developed spacecraft and breakthroughs in space inhabitation technology, as well as thoroughly trained the first batch of Martian colonization teams. Many train on the moon as a transition before embarking on the journey onwards.

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