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the Carscrapper

Automobiles have been dominating the city since its invention. Streets no longer encourage human interactions. Architectures are just built to separate people and vehicles. And cities are only defined by concrete and steel, roads and buildings. How can we turn back time when city was still a condenser of human experience?

Imagine a city with autonomous driving. Cars act as accelerators for social interaction instead of dominators of a city when driving is no longer a human experience. The ground is freed up for public activities while architectures are developed in an upward motion, creating a magnificent view of the city and nature. Streetscapes and roads are projected onto building facades and cars will be at your doorsteps, bring you to destinations from point to point

Human  becomes  the  dominators  of the city again. Streets on building facades bring life to neighborhood. Architecture is blurring the boundary between human and vehicles. And cities are defined by a free land full of human experience and social interactions. 

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